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There is nothing more rewarding than helping your community, keeping youth involved in positive character-building activities, and supporting their dreams for the future as they work hard to achieve their daily, monthly, and yearly goals.

GTAA's goal is not a short one. We are committed to helping youth athletes who are passionate about Taekwondo, dedicated to supporting their teammates, show pride in their community, and who have the character to persevere. 

Through sponsorships with local and regional businesses, we will continue to grow our level of support to youth athletes. We are committed to our community and the partnership that grows with every sponsor.

We have several sponsorship levels and are committed to "paying it forward" with promotions on our website, and through the school memberships.

We are actively working with our community businesses to kick-start our sponsorship program and are looking forward to working with you!


"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination."  Tommy Lasorda
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