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“Never let it be said that to dream is a waste of one’s time, for dreams are our realities in waiting. In dreams, we plant the seeds of our future”.  Now is the time for dreams and realities for our youth athletes in the Olympic and World sport of Taekwondo to start meeting.

The GForce Taekwondo Athletic Association (GTAA) supports athletics in Olympic style sparring and World Poomsae. GTAA is also dedicated to assisting athletes that wish to compete at a higher level, many with goals and dreams of national and international competition. GTAA sponsors Master Ji’s Taekwondo school and the GForce taekwondo team.

Dedicated athletes are athletes that are wishing to compete at this next level of competitions. These athletes must commit to maintain good grades in school, commit to strength and conditioning, as well as commit to a dedicated training schedule of 6 to 7 days a week. In exchange they receive financial assistance for travel, gear, and tournament fees. For athletes committing to a Pro Level, they are required to conditioning, strength training, and practice training 7 days a week and receive a financial stipend for dedication to the training.


GTAA sponsors Master Ji’s Taekwondo school with training equipment, travel expenses and facilities expenses for the athletes of the GForce team. GTAA is dedicated to maturing and affirming the goals and dreams of the athletes.

Sponsorship Factors


  • GForce team welcomed 3 times more athletes than it has had in the past years. With the explosive growth of team members, more coaches, traveling and training equipment has been added and it continues growing.

  • Select and Pro GForce team members graduating from high school often give up on dreams for the Olympics for college and earning money. Allocated monthly stipends allow athletes to continue with their aspirations.

  • The financial strains on families and athletes with travel expenses for national and international events often forces athletes to withdraw from tournaments.

  • Expenses of traveling nationally range from $2000 - $3000 for each athlete and coaches.

  • Select and Pro team members must attend international tournaments to acquire World points to be accepted to the US Olympic team. Travels to these international tournaments range from $4000-$5000 for each athlete and coaches.


Looking for more options or a custom package? Contact us, we would be happy to create a custom package.

Other ways to help the team

The AmazonSmile program also supports GTAA by paying us .5% of your eligible Amazon purchases if you follow the link on this page, set GForce Taekwondo Athletes Association as your donation recipient, and make future purchases from

Fred Meyer donates quarterly based on purchases at their stores.  Retain your store credits and fuel points while contributing to the GTAA.  Just sign up online using your current rewards card

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